Hometown... Chicago, IL

Music Genre... Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soundtrack

Musical influences... will.i.am, Gorillaz, house music, Nobuo Uematsu, The Roots, Herbie Hancock, E.S.T. (RIP Esbjorn), K. Dot

My creative history... I've been doing hip-hop seriously since college, playing jazz since high school, playing piano / producing film & video game-type soundtrack music since I was 10

Fun fact... I'm a purple belt. When that black belt happens, I'mma put a whoopin on that ass.

The high school me looks like... a 15 year old on a CTA bus (#3 King Drive), goin from Chatham to 51st, carryin 2-3 bags, takin a half-nap with arms-folded on the window, thinking bout what Edison said earlier, dreamin bout travelin overseas