Jamie Funk - The Even Ground


Eternal Summer
self-released; 2015

3.8 out of 5

By Jamie Funk

Eternal Summer by Jae emits warm, soulful vibes that should be playing at the hippest, underground lounge in the city. The songs are so easy to snap your fingers to or nod your head to while sipping on cocktail.

The twenty-year old artist has a gorgeous voice. Her delivery is smooth while also being dynamic. On top of that the music fits around her vocals like a glove. The beats, synths, etc. attenuate her style.

The EP opens with “A Toast.” It starts with a liquid warm synth that soon gets layered with organ and an inventive beat. When she sings every word feels effortless and relaxed. You could argue the song has a serene and tranquil vibe. Make no doubt this song has an infectious hook. She sings, “Let's make a toast to ones we love.” I loved the subtleties and nuances that were present in the music. At times the music reminded me of St. Vincent and even Bjork. 

“Eternal Summer” very well could be the most single worthy song on the album. The lyrics immediately paint a picture of good times ahead. She sings, “Gonna be one helluva night, I can smell it in the perfume, I’m gonna do whatever I like, get into whatever I want to.” It feels like a party but one of the chillest parties you have ever been to. 

“Take Your Throne (ft. Geronimus)” is a cut that has an overt R&B vibe and is also one of the more experimental songs on the EP. Don’t get me wrong. There are a number of notable hooks but also a couple inventive sections, which made me take notice. Take for example the brief section before the main hook. The drumbeats get taken out and you are left with fluttering effect and sporadic percussion while Jae sings. The transition into the hook is seamless and the contribution by Geronimus didn't overstay its welcome. 

My personal favorite song was “Love Song / Virtual.” I’m a sucker for standup bass and Jae almost sounds like a jazz vocalist at times during this song. Suffice it to say it was a well-put together song that has a good amount of changes. She closes with “Let Go (ft. EAGLEBABEL)” which solidifies her talent. 

Eternal Summer is unequivocally a strong debut that deserves more praise. Do yourself a favor and give it a spin.